Federation Cross

This small lapel cross is our main symbol. The design relies on the original blue monogram worn by the early sisters on their habit. This monogram was a variation of the letters A and V, the initials of Ave Maria,- Hail Mary. Three J’s were placed between the letters for Jesus, Joseph and John Baptist.

In the present symbol, features of the former monogram have been transferred onto the cross.

Te Rakau Korero

As a preparation for our last Chapter meeting, Hui 2000, a talking stick was created for our group by master carver Dean Flavell.

The talking stick in its original form, involved a piece of wood that was passed around a circle of people gathered together for the purposes of decision making, discussion, or just being together.

Our talking stick, te rakau korero, carved from totara, holds something of our history in Aotearoa New Zealand.

  • The scallop pattern indicates new life – the beginning of the koru.
  • Waves come in one behind the other, yet as they are ready to break on the shore they unite as one – strength of unity in diversity.
  • The marks of rodent’s teeth indicate that we often have to ‘nibble’ away at issues – there’s strength in smallest things.
  • Four waves symbolise the coming of the first four sisters from Perthville – the void shows they found the mission was not as they had expected.
  • The paua inset is symbolic of the light of Christ which guided them in the early days.
  • Manaia, the ears and mouth – the body and spirit meeting in oneness. We are made of both.
  • The white band symbolises the source of the Whanganui River – the volcanic plateau. White is the sign of unity.
  • The braided strands show the three parts of the Whanganui River – the three tipuna.
  • The spiral represents flowers in the girl’s hair – small things are important.
  • The river goes down to the sea, from there the sea goes out and touches other continents – represented by the triangles - "Ko au te awa, Ko te awa ko au".
  • The uncarved end of te rakau korero reminds us we are to carve and shape our future.

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