spirituality.jpgIn our daily living we value:

  • Down to earth practicality
  • Sacredness in the ordinary
  • Interconnectedness and interdependence
  • Courage, simplicity and joyfulness of spirit
  • Co-responsibility which enhances freedom
  • Justice

Mission Statement - Tohu Whakatakanga

To be alert to and respond creatively to the needs of the EARTH and its PEOPLES in the tradition of Jesus and in the spirit of Julian Tenison Woods and Mary Mackillop

To fulfil our Vision and Mission we undertake to:

  • Take time and space to seek our God/de in all of life
  • Call forth and affirm our gifts and those of others
  • Stand with and advocate for the disadvantaged
  • Challenge unjust situations and structures
  • Nurture and heal relationships with all people and our environment
  • Address the causes of injustice and poverty
  • Live by the Treaty of Waitangi and the principles on indigeneity


When we talk about our spirit, we refer to the values which drew the early sisters together to work for the people around them. Our patron Joseph, husband and protector of Mary and Jesus showed these in his own life. The lives of the sisters were seen as:

  • Simple - living a simple life
  • Ordinary - drawn from, and living in the same neigbourhoods as those they taught or worked with with
  • Flexible - able to move to where they were needed
  • Compassionate - practical and down to earth; ready to act on others’ behalf
  • Trusting - sure that the God they served was with them in all things and would provide

Those basic virtues have been the basis of the spirituality of our Josephite community down through the years.

In earlier times that spirituality was shaped by the religious atmosphere of the times. Priority was given to formal prayer and a semi-monastic life.

As we moved from a regulated lifestyle to begin exploring our own individual spiritual needs, more diverse spiritualities were opened up.

Today we have a wider understanding of the unique gift that our spirituality is to each of us individually. We also see that it is something that has always been part of human life. It is not to be equated with religion, though our Christian heritage is for us the basis of our spiritual growth.

Today our spiritualities may be influenced by other experiences, including the following:

  • Creation-centred - seeing life as a continuous blessing
  • Wholistic - emphasizing feminine attributes of intuition, affection, etc
  • Liberating - freeing people to live fully human lives in justice and peace
  • Maori - a recognition of the tangata whenua’s relationship with the land

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