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Sister Hyacinth - Josephine Lloyd

Profiled in October 2005

22 April 1888 - 16 October 1972

 Sister Hyacinth lived almost her entire life in Wanganui and was the last member of a family who had early associations with Wanganui.

She was born 22 April 1888 , and named Josephine, the daughter of early Wanganui pioneers, Mr and Mrs Thomas Lloyd. Mr Lloyd was a well-known Irish lawyer who also taught in the first Catholic School in Wanganui before the first Sisters arrived. Before her marriage, Mrs Lloyd, then Margaret Coakley, also taught at the school.

Mr Lloyd accompanied Dean Kirk, parish priest, to the Town Wharf in Wanganui in 1880 to welcome the first four founding Sisters from Australia . Leading those Sisters was Hyacinth Quinlan, and Mr Lloyd would prove himself to be her life-long friend and benefactor over the years. He was also organist at St Mary's Church for many years. One of the couple's greatest joys was to see one of their own daughters enter the Sisters' Community on 4 January 1910 , taking the name of the one they had revered.

Josephine Lloyd was professed as Sister Hyacinth on 15 January 1912 . She was renowned as a cultural and gracious woman. She had great scholastic ability, was a talented musician, played the violin and organ, and she had a beautiful singing voice. One of her greatest contributions to the Sisters of St Joseph in Wanganui was her dedication in training the young Sisters in music and singing and teaching methods. A Sister for 61 years, Sister Hyacinth showed great interest and concern in the welfare of her pupils, particularly after they had left school. Except for a few years in Hastings , Sister Hyacinth spent all her life at the Sacred Heart Convent on St John's Hill, Wanganui.

During her last few years she suffered considerable illness. Her patience and uncomplaining acceptance of this was an inspiration to all who knew her. She died on 16 April 1972 , and after her funeral Mass in Sacred Heart Chapel, was buried at Aramoho Cemetery .

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