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Sister Angela Christina Sherrin

Profiled April 2013

8 July 1870 - 15 March 1931

A New Zealander, Christina Sherrin was born on 8 July 1870.  She had at least one sister younger than herself.

On 9 February 1895 Christina entered the Sisters of St Joseph in Whanganui, and was professed as Sister Angela on 18 January 1897.  Her sister, Agnes, also entered the Sisters of St Joseph in 1895, and was professed as Sister Cecelia.  Sister Cecelia died in 1905 aged 30, having been professed for just 8 years.

Sister Justin Collins remembered being taught by Sister Angela at St Vincent's School, Castlecliff, in Whanganui.  She recalls Sister Angela teaching singing even though the school did not have a piano, and that she was a strict teacher.

Sister Angela died on 15 March 1931.
She was buried in the Heads Road Cemetery, Whanganui.

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