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Sister Helena Mary Frances O’Connell

28 March 1883 7 March 1961Helena_OConnell_2

Profiled August 2012

Mary Frances O’Connell was born in Waitotara, a small farming community north of Whanganui on 28 March 1883.  Her father Laurence worked on the railways and her mother was Frances Barry.

Mary spent at least some of her schooling at Sacred heart Convent in Whanganui and she entered the Sisters of St Joseph there on 28 January 1902.  She was professed as Sister Helena on 20 January 1904.

Sister Helena became a teacher and taught for many years at Sacred Heart, Whanganui.  She was capable and talented, teaching French in the General Course, and algebra in the mathematics area.  Her pupils remembered her as rather strict, and committed to the best in her pupils.

Sister Helena died at Sacred Heart Convent on 7 March 1961, and after Mass of Requiem in the Chapel was buried at Aramoho Cemetery.

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