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Sister Patrick Mary Holohan

May 1874 13 April 1961Patrick_Holohan

Profiled July 2012

Little is known of Mary Holohan’s early life apart from the fact that she came from Bathurst, NSW, and was known to have been a friend of Sisters Rita, Lawrence, Evangelist and Stanislaus all from the same area in Australia.

She entered the Sisters of St Joseph in Whanganui on 18 October 1892, and was professed as Sister Patrick on 2 July 1894.

Primary school teaching was the main ministry of the Sisters and Patrick became a primary school teacher, teaching mainly junior classes.  She taught in most of the schools out of Whanganui during her long life.

Sister Patrick was small, a very happy and cheerful person and a very good community companion to many.  Her friendliness and gentle temperament endeared her to children and adults alike. 

Sacred Heart Whanganui had been her home for 11 years when she died there on 13 April 1961.  Her funeral was held in the Convent Chapel and she was buried at Aramoho Cemetery.

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