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Sister Liguori Lily Middlemiss

21 November 1880  -  27 September 1965Ligouri_Middlemiss

Profiled April 2012

Turakina, south of Whanganui was the birthplace of Lily, to Catherine, nee Collins, and John Middlemiss, on 21 November 1880.  John was a chemist of Irish birth.

Lily entered the Sisters of St Joseph on 2 July 1897, and was professed on 29 June 1899, taking the religious name of Liguori.

Sister Liguori taught in many of the Josephite schools but was best known in Whanganui for the years she taught at Castlecliff and at Villa Maria.  She was remembered for ‘almost owning’ the Villa, her delight in a cup of tea, and her love of the ‘Villa kids’.

She retained the abiding affection of all her pupils and the esteem and gratitude of their parents.  Along with other Sisters, she ministered to many  in the 1918 influenza epidemic, and again later in the Depression years.  For this she was gratefully remembered by many of her generation.

Sister Liguori in her later years spent time moving from convent to convent repainting and touching up statues, as she was very artistic. 

She finally came to live at Sacred Heart in Whanganui where she died on 27 September 1965.  Her funeral was held in Sacred Heart Chapel and she was buried at Aramoho Cemetery.

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