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Sister Clement - Patricia Turner

Profiled in April 2008

30 April 1920 16 September 1986

ClementTurner.jpgPatricia Turner was born in Wellington on 30 April 1920 to Grace, nee Stitt, and Charles Edmund Turner.  She had two sisters Joan, and Barbara, and these girls were to experience the sadness of the death of their mother while they were quite young.  At some stage the family moved to live in Whanganui.

When at the age of 30, she entered the Sisters of St Joseph on 19 March 1951, she was older and more mature than the other women.  She had previously done some nursing training and worked at a Medical laboratory in Wellington.  The Sisters often called on this knowledge.  Taking the name of Clement, she became a primary school teacher, and was known as being an excellent junior class teacher.  She loved teaching little ones, but her time in the classroom was short lived as she did not keep good health.

As well as her teaching skills, Clement was a very capable cook, a gifted knitter and embroiderer, and in her younger years, she loved tennis. Her cooking skills were in demand for training young women when they entered the community. She had a huge love of her family her sisters Joan and Barbara and their husbands, and her nieces and nephews.  Sisters remember Clement as being great to live with.  She was quiet, but a loving, and hard-working community member, with a strong devotion to prayer.

Clement suffered indifferent health for much of her life, and those who lived with her recall her carrying on valiantly even when not well.  She spent time nursing elderly and sick Sisters in the small infirmary at Sacred Heart Convent in Whanganui, later at Nazareth. Her gentle manner and nursing knowledge inspired confidence and peace in those she cared for. However her illness escalated, and she died in Whanganui on 16 September 1986.
She is buried at Aramoho Cemetery.

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