Reflective Solstice Evening June 2013

Inspired by the latest fundraising venture for the St Mary’s Parish building fund - the $10 challenge Sisters, parishioners and interested others celebrated the winter solstice on Friday 21 June with a labyrinth walk. On arguably the coldest and most blustery day experienced in Whanganui for quite some time, 32 hardy pilgrims, the young and the not so young, came to pray with their feet through the candlelit path of a labyrinth recreated indoors by Adrienne Smith.

Pots of hot pumpkin soup and pita bread awaited the pilgrims before they departed to negotiate the wintery weather once again.  Perfect conditions to ponder and look forward to the gradual return of the Sun!

The experience raised a healthy koha (donation) to honour Adrienne’s pledge in the Parish challenge. Labyrinth of Mystery


We are born into life’s grey paradoxP1010562
of discovering our true home with you.
We locate a corner of your peace,
then misplace it in the bustling world.
We find a focused direction for a while               
but seem to lose it time and again
We perpetuate this pattern of journeying
until we eventually realise that you
are wherever we are on the path of life,
no matter how labyrinthine it may be.
I am at peace as I find my way.
Harry Hagan 

Trish_and_Martin_Boswell_and_family Helen_Doyle_rsj_and_Catherine_Woodcock_rsj

Trish and Martin Boswell and family prepare to walk the labyrinth

Helen Doyle and Catherine Woodcock enjoy soup after their walk



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