Creating Welcoming Space June 2012

A combined group of Sisters of St Joseph of the Sacred Heart and Sisters of the Australia New Zealand Federation of Sisters of St Joseph gathered for a workshop recently at Mt St Joseph in Whanganui.  This workshop was offered by the Josephite Ecology Group and the Conference of Josephite Leaders, and was the first of two to be offered in New Zealand the next will be at Mission Bay in Auckland.  

The presenters were Josephite Sisters Catherine Shelton and Noelene Landrigan  of Whanganui, and Mary Anne Cassanova of Catholic Earthcare Australia.

The day was a series of inputs and exercises leading all through the renewed seeing of the Earth as ‘Our Place’, a reflective re-hearing of the Universe story, with time for participants to formulate their  own personal responses. Judging by the responses towards the end of the day, those attending had been deeply touched by the presentations, and were open to these new insights into the world and universe we inhabit.


Participants take time to walk and reflect upon the visual presentation of the Universe Story.


The group gathered together at the conclusion of the day

Gallery / Whakaahua

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