An inspirational Gathering July 2012

‘Together we carry the Flame - Sisters of St Joseph Under 60’  was the gathering  attended by Liz Hickey rsj  from 5 7 July 2012 at Baulkham Hills in Sydney.  At the gathering Liz enjoyed renewing acquaintances with those she had met at an under 40’s conference in 1994, and meeting others.   She felt the mixture of cultures and variety of life circumstances of those gathered, added to the richness of the group.  Participants were challenged to look ahead and to share their hopes and dreams for the future. 

Liz was inspired by the story of the eagle, shared by Michelle Hughey, from Gisborne.   The bald eagle, by the time it reaches 40 years is faced with a choice.  Its beak and talons are wearing out and its feathers are becoming heavy.   The eagle can carry on as it is and will soon die.  If it flies to a high mountain, the eagle is able break off its beak on a hard rock.  Sometime later a fresh new beak grows and it uses this to rip off its worn talons. When new talons grow, it uses these to pluck out its old feathers to enable new feathers to grow.  This painful death and resurrection process lasts about 150 days after which the eagle can live for up to another 30 years.  This inspirational story seemed to encapsulate the theme of the gathering. 

To see this story on You Tube, follow this link:


Sisters Helen Caughley (N.Z and on mission in Brazil), Charo Zurita (Peru), Clare Conaglen (N.Z. and regional leader in Peru), Jenny Mori (Peru), Sharon Teresa (on mission in Darwin, N.T.)               

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