Joining in Joy! July 2012

‘Ring out our Joy’ was the theme chosen for the celebration of Sisters of St Joseph, Perthville’s Celebration of 140 years.  The bell, which Julian Tenison Woods had given the Sisters there when he visited, rang constantly throughout the day’s celebration, but there were so many Josephite Sisters there, that it was seldom heard!

Sisters Marie Skidmore and Yvonne Munro traveled via Sydney to join the  Perthville community.  Arriving at Perthville in a busload of Josephite Sisters, they were welcomed by waving Sisters of both Josephite groups occupying the long verandah in front of the main building.  It was a very warm welcome on a lovely clear day, to this place where, poignantly, the initial separation occurred.

The Perthville Sisters provided a wonderful day for all.  Marie Crowley, archivist, gave an affirming talk covering the history very positively.   The liturgy was rich in symbolism, and a large candle was made by representatives of all the foundations, both Central and Federated, and lit at the end.  All participating were sent out into the grounds the cemetery and house, Founders’ room - while the boiling wax cooled enough to unveil and light the candle. 


Sisters from all Josephite branches make the candle

The time in the cemetery was very meaningful as all who have been to Perthville will recall.  So many very young sisters died there in the early days.  Therese McGarry, Perthville Congregational leader, gave a very good talk as part of this liturgy, which was focused on standing on the shoulders of those who have gone before.

All of this was followed by a fulsome meal and a wander through the historical displays.

The Whanganui gift of a glass waka, was symbolic of the first four Sisters’ journey from Perthville to Whanganui  - Perthville’s  “eldest child”.  It was truly an occasion to experience the fullness of life and interconnectedness.

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