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Te Punanga Ripo Wetland Walk November 2012

Another stage has been reached in the Ecology projects underway at Mt St Joseph.


Around Te Punanga Ripo, the wetlands, the ti kouka (cabbage trees), manuka, and the various sedges and flaxes are growing apace.  Further plantings have occurred this year and there is now a small assortment of larger growing trees planted on the periphery.  Huge eucalypts along the boundary have almost all been taken out, thanks to members of the local Lions Club.  This has enabled the planting of flaxes and sedges on the overflow where the pond flows out into the Tangingorongoro Stream and thence to the Whanganui river. 

On the hillside above the wetlands the planting has continued, with another 300+  flaxes, native grasses and shrubs having been planted.  A flatter section of hillside has been chosen for larger specimen trees and as well as puriri and kauri, there are maples and cherry blossoms. 


To welcome and facilitate the use of the area by the increasing number of local walkers, an interpretative sign has been erected at the entrance on the main drive.  This has given options for walking a circuit, down through the plantings, through the wetland, and out along the street to the old drive entrance on Peat Street.  This enables walkers to experience both the new developments and the established bush on the property.  The signage also acknowledges the many groups that have contributed by way of grants to the development.

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Over the past 3-4 years there has been input and help from so many friends, volunteers, school-children as well as Sisters.  The many, many hours given are now starting to show promise in the growth around the pond and hillside. The presence of paradise ducks, many pukekos, kingfishers, as well as the smaller naïve birds, is encouraging.  There is an ever hopeful watch out for the native grey duck the parera, which was once settled in this habitat. Further work is to be done on the point of entrance to the wetland for water from the springs and local run-offs, and another hillside area is still to be planted.  

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