Combined Reflection February 2012

On Friday 10 February, a group of Central and Federated Josephites arrived in Taupo from Central North Island places from Ngatea to Taumarunui to Whanganui.  After morning tea, they took time in sharing Theological Reflection 2 “Josephite Women Finding Creative Ways to be in Communion with one another.”

Having the two Congregations sharing about experiences of being together brought out that each group’s unique “ways of doing things” is very complementary    There were individual experiences shared of people feeling drawn, or immediately connecting with other Josephites during studies, courses and brief meetings.

In sharing our Traditions, there was discussion of spirituality, and particularly Josephite Spirituality. Discussion covered our witness which is a  consequence of what we do.  There is no relationship without interaction with one another, a willingness to be reconciled and healed, and in the process build our ‘character’ as well as depthing our wisdom and intelligence.

An agreement was reached to promote further sharing of information about when various groups, happy for others to join them for further Theological Reflections, may be gathering.

After a shared lunch, it was “sleeves rolled up” as all Josephites present cleaned up and packed up in readiness to travel back to our various destinations.


Josephites  Carina Cobb, Rita Cahill, Colleen Dempsey, Tina Capelli, Marie Therese Williams, Catherine Shelton, Colleen Woodcock, Noelene Landrigan, and  June Hicklans  - photographed by Anne Burke

Gallery / Whakaahua

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