Vowed Life Seminar 1 December 2012

Mt St Joseph in Whanganui was the venue for a recent seminar day given by Australian Mercy Sister, Doctor Janette Gray.   Jan is the first non-Jesuit Academic Principal of Jesuit Theological College, Melbourne, where she has been on the faculty since 2004.

Jan had previously given lectures at Mission Bay in Auckland and in Christchurch and had been sponsored to come to New Zealand by the Sisters of St Joseph.  A warm welcome to Whanganui and to Mt St Joseph was extended to her from Catherine Shelton, and Jill McLaughlin then introduced Jan to the assembled religious.
In the seminar, Jan’s talks dealt with the Vows, in particular a contemporary understanding of the vowed lives of religious.  Her input was engaging and thought-provoking, and created a buzz of animated conversation among the large group of participants.   The attendance of a mix of religious from across the Palmerston North and Wellington Dioceses was welcomed, and brought the further joy of meeting up with friends from further afield.


At the conclusion of the day, thanks were offered to Jan for her input, and the group then joined in singing a blessing for her.  Jan is fourth from the left in the photo.

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