Further plantings have been carried out on the hillsides about Mt St Joseph and Nazareth.
This time the north facing slopes directly above the wetland area have been clothed with an array of native trees and shrubs.  These were grown in the Whanganui Prison Nursery and were chosen for their suitability to the region and to the open facing hillsides.  The trees include coprosmas, corokias, manukas, ngaio, as well as kowhai, pohutukawa, and ground cover plants.
The margins of the tracks and fence lines will be planted with ti kouka (cabbage trees) and flaxes  accessed from the local area and grounds.

img_1331.jpg p1060069.jpg

Previous to the planting, tracks had been graded into the steep hillside and temporary protective fencing erected.  Over a period of a week the first of the shrubs were placed, and planted by University student workers, whanau and Sisters.  All trees were mulched with cardboard, newspaper and compost, and then some were staked.   Volunteer helpers were also used to place and plant the second large delivery later in the month.

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