Wetland progress January 2011

Another significant stage has been reached in the Te Punanga Ripo Wetland project at Mt St Joseph.   Above the wetland is a hide where visitors may watch the birdlife on the water without disturbing them.  Some planting around the hide has been done and now the signage is in place.

These panels, blessed on their completion last month, are now in place.  The first panel, Te Huranga Whenua Mai/Our Changing Environment, tells of the history of the land – by using the clues seen in the springs, pond, stream and hills.  The second panel builds on this information and tells of the history of the wildlife, finishing with a statement of the Sisters involvement with this piece of land.

Above the panels are the carved words:
“The dust we tread upon was once alive,
the rock on which we stand has lived and died,
has been a thing of life.”
Fr Julian Tenison Woods 1862


Shown beside the hide above the wetland are Ian Moore and Noelene Landrigan rsj.  Noelene has been the driving force behind this development and Ian Moore, geologist, has provided valuable advice and expertise along the way.

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