Canonisation Day in Whanganui 17 October 2010

On Sunday 17 October 2010, Sisters and friends gathered in the Conference Room at Mt St Joseph before the large screen to watch the Canonisation Mass of St Mary of the Cross MacKillop telecast from Rome. 

In the group above, Sisters chat with Sisters of Compassion, staff, and friends as they await the beginning of the ceremony.

There was great excitement as the teal scarves of the Sisters of St Joseph were noticed and the wearers sometimes identified.   Just before the Mass began, and  after the reading of the life stories of those to be canonised, all joined in singing the ‘Gathering Song’ with prayers seeking blessings of God and of God’s friend Mary MacKillop. 

After the actual words of Canonisation, those gathered recited together the Litany of Mary MacKillop in contrast to the Latin singing of the Litany we had just heard from Rome.  Amid great joy and jubilation we then offered a toast to Saint Mary of the Cross MacKillop!  


Many continued to celebrate while watching the remainder of the Mass, and over supper to share in the gratitude for Mary’s life, and the hope for the Church that was so strongly present in the pictures being seen from Rome.  Thoughts went to those of our own there in Rome - Marlene, Lucille and Karen, and there was a very strong feeling of connection to the whole Josephite family.

During the evening the local reporter for TVNZ News joined the gathering to take some film, returning later to get a sound byte from Catherine Shelton.  Both were shown on national TV News on Monday night, which though very brief, surely spread the news of St Mary of the Cross MacKillop even more widely.

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