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Walking the Wetlands - January 2010

The Whanganui Summer Programme this year included a ‘Green Belt Walk’ following little known tracks of St John’s Hill, and finishing up at Mt St Joseph. Led by the knowledgeable Colin Ogle, the large group were welcomed by Sr Noelene Landrigan and spent about an hour on the property. They were glad to have a short rest in the Mt St Joseph Conference Room where Sr Catherine Shelton spoke briefly about the history and buildings on the site, Angela Aspinall as Manager of Nazareth spoke of this facility, and Noelene spoke briefly about the new Te Punanga Wetland, before the group explored some of the large trees around the grounds.


Noelene at left, addresses the group assembled around Wendy Pettigrew centre, one of the Coordinators of the Summer Programme


Part of the group seen walking down to the wetland area where Colin and Noelene filled them in on the evolving wetland area, and plans for future plantings.

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