Fruit tree planting July 2010

The Combined Garden project down the hillside from Mt St Joseph and Nazareth Rest Home took another step this month as a group of willing helpers planted about 30 fruit trees.

On a perfect winter’s day, the gathering of all ages completed the task in a couple of hours.  Elders were grateful for the energy and strength of the younger ones in carrying heavier trees, buckets of water, manure and mulch as much of the terrain was steep.  Now the trees look very settled in their various patches, with stakes, and good layers of mulch materials to keep down weeds and hold the moisture in.  Trees planted were apples, pears, peaches, apricots, nectarines and a feijoa hedge.  A few days later several citrus were planted in the new area for them, and donated walnut and hazel nut seedlings were added to the already fruiting hazels and macadamias there.

The next priority is caging to protect the trees from the sheep, and the tilling and planting of the newly fenced in vegetable garden.  This will be for potatoes and pumpkins- hopefully this coming season.


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