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New Manager May 2010

The Josephite Retreat Centre at Mt St Joseph, Whanganui, now has a new manager.  Mrs Adrienne Smith, who has been a staff member of the Sisters of St Joseph for five years has now taken over the running of the Retreat and Conference Centre.

When Adrienne began as promoter of the Josephite Retreat Centre her responsibilities mainly revolved around working with the JRC Programmes Group to develop the yearly programme, liaise with facilitators, advertise the events and be a welcoming presence to all who use the Centre.     Now as the new Manager she now hopes to put some fresh energy into increasing the commercial usage of the Centre and seek new sources of funding. 

Other new responsibilities include budgeting, supervising resources and identifying any health and safety issues. Continuing the excellent work of the former Library Group, she will also be taking over the purchasing, accessioning and cataloguing of new books for the library and she intends to work with an ideas group for purchasing. 

Outside of her role as JRC Manager Adrienne will also join the team at the Josephite Archives, assisting where needed and she will continue her role as Josephite Affiliates Core-Group Co-ordinator.

Adrienne at the main Entrance to the Josephite Retreat Centre.

In Adrienne’s words:   “The hospitality and friendship offered to me by the local Josephite family on my return to New Zealand from Australia in 1992 eventually developed into a curiosity and interest in exploring Josephite Spirituality.  Over the years this has led me into working more closely with the Sisters in their ministries, and since 2006 I have been part of the team at Mt St Joseph.   Two particular highlights of my time so far have been the extensive renovation of the Centre to what is now a first class, modern day retreat/conference facility, and the Blessed Mary MacKillop Australian Pilgrimage that gave me a tremendous insight into and a personal spiritual connection with the Josephite story in this part of the world.  I am looking forward to the joys and challenges of stepping up and into the extra roles I have been given here Mt St Joseph”.

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