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Woods Reunion - January 2009

In November, Sisters Veronica and Lucille attended the Tenison Woods Family Reunion held in Adelaide.

They write: ‘The invitation provided the opportunity to bring our founding story to life.  To mix and mingle with the direct descendants of Julian was a special privilege…to see the family interacting, and to imagine that they have inherited the same family genes and personality traits as Julian probably had…we stayed at Kensington where Mary Mackillop lived for 10 years.  It was wonderful to visit Penola where Julian and Mary founded the Sisters of St Joseph – to see the old stable which is now a reserve and the school house where Mary taught and lived…It was hard not to imagine Julian, the scientist priest, lover of the wild and beautiful, sitting under the tree writing his notes.’
‘Penola,’ Veronica muses, is a tiny pinpoint in the vastness of Australia.  I have thought about what to me describes Penola and have finally settled on contentment.  It must have arisen in the wilderness with the intention of remaining.  It is a place apart.’


This happy group was taken on the way to Penola – Margaret Press Perthville, Lucille NZ, Lee Hughes Newcastle, Veronica NZ, Christine O’Connor Lochinvar, and Ruth Long Lochinvar.


This photo shows a significant group of the Tenison Woods family with Josephite Sisters.

From left are Lucille Taylor, Christine O’Connor, Barbara Hatch, Josephine Brady, Marlene Henningsen, Jacqui Maile, Ken Maile, Jan Tranter, and far right, Anne Player.

Jacqui is the granddaughter of Henrietta, who was the eldest of Terry Tenison Woods’ children, born in Penola, and Ken is Jacqui’s husband.   Barbara is the granddaughter of Terry and his second wife.


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