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Josephites Journeying Together - Sept 2008

One of the recent joint initiatives that Federation and Central Josephites have engaged in has been combined Retreats.  This year four Retreats led by Josephite Sisters were scheduled.  In September, two were held – one at Mary MacKillop Place in Sydney, and one at Safety Bay in Perth.  Two further Retreats will be held – one in Melbourne and one in Launceston.

These retreats are providing rich opportunities for Sisters to meet and reflect on the Josephite story and contemporary experience in the atmosphere of prayer and meditation.


Sisters Lyndall Brown NZ Central Josephite, with Colleen Woodcock and Marie Skidmore of Whanganui, are shown during the Retreat at Penola by the Sea, Safety Bay, Perth in early September.

In the words of Marie Skidmore: “This was a way of experiencing our own personal call and the story of our Josephite beginnings in connection with landscape.  Metaphors of river, desert, swamps, mountains and oceans were used to background both our own vocational journey and that of the Congregation.  It was great to feel the unity and common spirit which was present in the group, which included sisters from all the Central Josephite provinces and the five Federation communities. There was a sense of us all helping to put together a plan which had been rather abruptly interrupted in our early beginnings.”

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