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A Laugh a Minute - September 2008

news2008september29.jpgA joke book put together by Sister John Bosco has sold 300 copies so far.  The 125 humorous snippets and classroom quips written up by ‘JB’ are mainly true stories “and those that aren’t very well could be” she says.

JB started recording the incidents because she was asked to by Sisters who wanted to preserve them.  The project took off from there.
The book has been well received by all, and according to JB “People have said it’s provided them with a good laugh.”

Proceeds are being put towards the ecological development at Mt St Joseph in Whanganui.  This includes a wetland, further plantings of natives, and a new  orchard area. 


Sister John Bosco is shown discussing the book and its contents with Sister Von Witton.
The books sell at $10 each and can be obtained by contacting Josophia Craft Centre.

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