Sisters of Compassion - our Connections April 2007

The evening of 27 April marked another special gathering for the Sisters of St Joseph and the Sisters of Compassion in Whanganui.
The following day the Compassion Sisters were to travel to Wellington where they were to celebrate the Centenary of the Island Bay Home of Compassion.
The Whanganui Sisters gathered for dinner to mark the early connection at Hiruharama / Jerusalem, when Josephite Sisters had travelled up the river with Suzanne Aubert. As Sr Sue Cosgrove DOLC explained, if Suzanne Aubert had not established the orchards up the river which were later sold to provide funds for Island Bay there would have been no celebration!
In thanking the Compassion Sisters for their invitation, Sr John Bosco RSJ spoke of the many other connections between the Sisters over the years that have sprung from the original trip to Hiruharama.
A very special aspect of the evening was the presence of Mrs Janine Bechu, the great-grand-niece of Mother Aubert, and Mrs Jessie Munro, author of ‘Mother Aubert’.

Sisters Colleen Woodcock RSJ, Sue Cosgrove DOLC, and Litea DOLC at the dinner.

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