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WELCOME, NGA NOKE! - July 2006

Sisters of St Joseph, Makareta Tawaroa, Colleen Woodcock, Noelene Landrigan and friend Sue McBride inspect a ‘can full of worms’.
Lisa Talbot, Waste Management ‘encourager’ for the Whanganui District Council, delivered the 15,000 worms to Mt St Joseph.

The community is determined to do all it can to close the cycle of waste on the property.  It is hoped that this new three-bin wormery and thousands of worms will be able to eat their way through veggie scraps from the kitchen, shredded paper from administration, and used paper hand towels from the Retreat Centre.

The photograph shows the wormery built by Mr Keith Bing.  He took the design Noelene had drawn up and all the material she could find on the internet on types of wormeries available commercially - and came up with a vermin, rain-proof, three-bin wormery that is easy to use.  Each compartment can be accessed by removing the lid frame and taking out three panels. 
Worms feeding on the surface can be moved to the next compartment while the vermicast beneath can be shovelled directly into a barrow to be used as fertiliser or mixed with other materials to make seed-raising mixes.

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