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Parish Event - Apr 2006

At St Mary’s Parish Sunday Mass on 30 April 2006, a Papal Blessing was received by the Sisters of St Joseph from the parish.  This blessing had been requested for the Sisters’ 125th year in Whanganui, but the death of Pope John Paul 11 and subsequent election of Pope Benedict had delayed its implementation. 

In receiving the blessing on behalf of all the Sisters, both past and present, Marie Skidmore spoke gratefully of the support of parishioners down through the years.  She spoke particularly those years when following the call of Vatican 11, the Sisters moved to regain and revision their original spirit.  Their move back to living in the community with the people had not been fully understood initially.  However in keeping with the early Josephites who even lived in tents to be where they were needed, Sisters now live and work in and among the neighbourhood community.

Finally, the gathered Sisters sang the Hebrew Benediction for the parishioners

Gerald Lynch, St Mary’s Parish Council Chairman, presents Marie Skidmore and Sisters with the Blessing. 

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