Australian - New Zealand Federation - April 2005

Our group is one of five forming the Australian-New Zealand Federation of the Sisters of St Joseph. These groups are

  • Perthville, NSW
  • New Zealand
  • Goulburn, NSW
  • Lochinvar, NSW
  • Tasmania

Each of these groups was founded from Perthville, and until 1962 had functioned as totally autonomous groups with little contact with one another.

The formation of the Federation, while protecting that autonomy, brought about many material and psychological benefits.

Since 1962, our group has shared in

  • Federation missions in Papua-New Guinea
  • Formation and education programmes
  • Shared consultation and experience

A Federation Council meets every two years.

  A group of Federation Sisters joined the celebrations  on 24 April, 2005, of the 125th anniversary of the arrival of the Sisters in Wanganui.  Pictured are Sisters Pauline Burgess- Lochinvar, Colleen Clear - Goulburn, Damian Harrison - Lochinvar, Rosemary Jackson - Lochinvar, Elizabeth Glass - Goulburn, Janine Keatinge - Perthville.

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