New Structures of Governance and Management - Oct 2004

In March 2004, the Sisters gave their blessing to a new structure to provide for the governance and management of their facilities and affairs for the future. A Congregational Trust Board, consisting of Sisters on the current leadership team and two lay members, has overall responsibility for the administration of the Congregation and all its assets and facilities. In all its dealings the Board is committed to the Vision of the Congregation – ‘Fullness of Life for the Earth and its Peoples’. It also acknowledges Te Tiriti o Waitangi as the basis for relationships between Maori and the Board.

A Management Charitable Company has been set up to which the Trust Board has delegated to undertake certain of the management and administration requirements. This Management Company consists of four lay members and two Sisters. In all that the Company does it ensures that decisions are well-informed and express the Vision and Values of the Congregation.

Directly accountable to the Management Company is the Nazareth/Quinlan Court Board, which retains the responsibility of managing these two facilities. This Board has four lay members and one sister, and is committed to managing these facilities according to the Mission of the Sisters of St Joseph, lived out in their own particular philosophies.

Pictured are members of the original Congregation Trust Board:

Back – Catherine Shelton rsj, Richard Moore,

Middle – Colleen Woodcock rsj, Yvonne Munro rsj,

Front – Mary Anne Mechen, Barbara Cowan rsj.

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