Jubilee Celebrations - March 2003

On 15 March 2003, five Sisters of St Joseph celebrated Jubilees of their profession dates. They were Sister Justin Collins 70 years professed, Sisters Josephine Caccioppoli and Francesca Bourke 60 years professed, and Sisters Veronica Witton and Mary McKenna 50 years professed.

The day began with a celebration liturgy in the Mt St Joseph chapel with sisters,
family and friends. During this time of prayerful thanksgiving the sisters renewed their life commitments in words written themselves. A luncheon followed with entertainment,


The five Jubilarians shown lighting their individual Jubilee candles. From left Sisters Veronica Witton, Francesca Bourke, Mary McKenna, Josephine Caccioppoli, Justin Collins
Wanganui Chronilce 17/3/03

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