One Hundred and Twenty Three Years On - Apr 2003

The Australia New Zealand Federation of Sisters of St Joseph is holding a four-day meeting in Wanganui. At 6am today it will be exactly 123 years since the vessel Wakatu, with the original sisters aboard, berthed in Wanganui close to where the Chronicle is now located. Sisters Hyacinth Quinlan, Joseph Kinsella, Clare Rubie and Teresa Schmidt came from Perthville in New South Wales. The founders were Father Julian Tenison Woods and Mother Mary Mackillop. Sisters from the Australian and New Zealand branches gathered on the riverbank yesterday during a tour of historically significant sites. The wreaths cast into the river were made from plants such as acacia, eucalyptus and puriri, and honoured the six pioneers. This week's meeting is designed to celebrate the values of the congregations and strengthen the links between them.


A poignant moment for Canberra visitor Sister Andrea Dean, about to drop a tribute into the Whanganui River yesterday
Wanganui Chronicle 24/4/03

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