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Hospice Wanganui - Mar 2003

ecent fundraising events from Hospice Wanganui have meant greater advertising space in local papers. An article in River City Press recently focussed on the work of the Hospice Social Club.

Social Club Co-ordinator, Robyn Wright, aims at helping people enjoy quality time with others, and participation for all in a range of stimulating activities. One of the regulars at the Social Club is Josephite Sister Stephanie, now known as Eileen Tobin, who is a resident at Aubert Home of Compassion, Wanganui. She has enjoyed many of the activities over the past year or two, and her room displays some of the work she has produced there.


Pictured is Sister Eileen Tobin enjoying a relaxing hand massage from Social Club Co-ordinator Robyn Wright (left)

River City Press 13/3/03

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