No Decision on Sacred Heart Building - Dec 2002

The Sisters of St Joseph have not made any decisions about what will happen to Sacred Heart College next year, other than that the site will be sold.

Spokesperson for the Sisters, Richard Moore, said they had their "hands tied" until January 28, 2003, which was when Sacred Heart College legally ceased to be a school. After that they would call for expressions of interest in the property.

Mr Moore said one thing the sisters had committed to was that the hostel facilities, up to now used by boarders of Sacred Heart, would be used for Cullinane College from next year.

"They are committed to make sure there is accommodation for those pupils."

Mr Moore said the sisters would have a preference for some form of education continuing on the site. While the sisters had received some inquiries, there had been nothing specific, he said.

Wanganui Chronicle 12/12/02

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