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Building begins! - June 2008

This month the long awaited building project began at Nazareth.  Ensuites are to be added to the Mary Wing upstairs, using some of the bedrooms.  To compensate for the loss of these rooms several new rooms also with ensuites are to be built in two new wings. The dining room and TV lounge are to be extended, as is the main Corridor.
The first stage is the building of the two new bedroom wings.  

 However before the building began, the large fish pond in the main courtyard needed to be moved a few feet.  This pond had been built as a Millennium project, specially designed and with residents’ own hand made tiles as decoration.  The move was accomplished over a couple of days with an appreciative audience watching the small digger unable to move the structure until a larger machine pulled it with ease!


Here Warren, Maintenance Manager, is shown during his task of catching the 200+ fish for their few days ‘holiday’ in two large bathtubs, before they were returned to their pond, now in a slightly more northerly direction!

Photo courtesy of Wanganui Chronicle

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