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Pigs invade Nazareth Rest Home - May 2007

Courtesy of Wanganui Midweek, May 9 2007

pigs.jpgMulti-coloured pigs going by such names as Diana, William, Prunella and Percy were spotted at Nazareth Rest Home this week.
Fortunately elderly residents admitted knowing everything about them and were only too happy to discuss where they came from.
Led by diversional therapist Marion Grinstead, and inspired by the TV pigs on the BNZ advert, a group of lady residents created their own version.

A ‘messy’ task which took them over five weeks to complete, these papier mache pigs often saw the ladies wrist deep in mush and water.
The pigs were created by spreading a total of 16 layers of papier mache around an inflated balloon, and at various stages adding a mixture of toothpaste caps, toilet rolls, bottle tops and pieces of egg carton.
“They have all worked very hard to produce them. They are very proud of their pigs” says Marion.
With each resident adding their own personal touch to the pigs including hearts, fluttering eyelashes, glitter and sequins, they are certainly a handicraft to be proud of.
“I’m going to give mine to my grandchildren”’ says Margaret Watt.
Sister Justin, one of the participating residents, who are mostly in their 90’s, preferred to make two bowls as her papier mache project.

And their next project?
“We’re going to make necklaces” says Marion.

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