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Nazareth Rest Home News

20th Celebration - April 2007

Photo courtesy of River City Press

Nazareth opened as a Rest Home on 1 April 1987, and on 11 April 2007, residents, staff, and visitors gathered to celebrate this milestone. 

A Thanksgiving Service in the Chapel remembered all those associated with Nazareth who had died, and gave special thanks for all those other groups from residents to volunteers, who together make real the spirit of the Home. 


Caught chatting after the Service are Sister Josepha (former Chaplain) Mrs Pat Fairman (resident), Sister Maria Goretti (visitor), and Miss Pauline Kennedy (resident).

A special afternoon tea followed in the Lounge where Sister Marie Skidmore on behalf of the Sisters congratulated all concerned and   presented the residents with a large faced clock and a selection of CDs.


As part of the celebration six staff members were recognized for their contribution to the Home and for their long service.  Pictured are Ingrid Johnson (Registered Nurse 14 years), Mavis Pearson (Manicurist/driver 14 years), Anne Burke (Chaplain 14 years), Karyn Coleman (Home assistant/internal assessor), Anne Linton (Home assistant -20 years.  Absent was Pam Bryant (Enrolled nurse/supervisor 19 years).

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