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End of Year Celebration - 2004

Nazareth residents, family, friends, and staff gathered on Saturday 27 November for a hangi meal together.

Residents watched the hole being dug in the paddock the afternoon before, the lighting of the fire early in the morning, and later the placing of the carefully prepared food in the hangi to cook. By midday some had braved the wind to watch the food being raised, while a large crowd waited in the dining room and sheltered courtyards.

The meal was delicious, and the gathering was entertained by Sister Makareta as wandering minstrel, and the McDonnell children.

Rawynne McDonnell, cook at Nazareth, enlisted the help of her husband Mike, who with his experienced team made sure the operation went perfectly!

Pictured is Sister Makareta accompanied by Aunty Nui, kuia from Kaiwhaiki, while children and residents await their meal.

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