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Celebrating International Day of the Older Person

Courtesy of River City Press 2/10/03

DayOlderPerson.jpgWhen the local newspaper wanted an example of positive aging they came to Nazareth and found Mr Ray McNeil.

Nazareth is a happy community providing a high level of nursing care to residents as required. Nazareth strives to encompass a maximum well-being for each person. One such person is Ray McNeil.

Ray has been at Nazareth for only three months and is still a most active person. Being a fireman of 30 years experience would have given him a grounding of how healthy he looks today. He is the oldest living ex-fireman in Wanganui.

At 94 years of age Ray still goes whitebaiting, plays indoor bowls at Laird Park Bowling Club (he’s won five titles), and is very happy with the care he receives at Nazareth Rest Home.

Courtesy of Dori McCormick

EllenLockett.jpgPictured is Mrs Ellen (nee Bullock) Lockett, whose photograph and accompanying story appeared in the recent Wanganui Women's Weekend display. She was included as one of 50 women whose lives have 'made a difference'.

She is shown with her gypsy basket - saying "if I call it that I can put colour wherever I want!"

Ellen's creativity has not diminished since she came to Nazareth - she misses her spinning wheel and her garden but as her write-up states, "She's the kind of woman who teaches you to "be optimistic and get on with it" even at 97. No complaining. Just continuing to live a full life and sharing her talents and zest where she can".

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