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Recollective Silence for Wanganui Collegiate Yr 9s. Mar 2010

Josephite Retreat Centre was host for the day to 60 Yr 9 students from Wanganui Collegiate School on Friday 26 March.  Chaplain Rev Richard Evans and Adrienne Smith led a day of recollective silence which included opportunities for the students to walk the labyrinth, discover themselves in clay, and reflect on what silence and emptiness might be asking them using the metaphor of an empty cup.  With near perfect weather and after an introduction by Noelene Landrigan rsj, the students explored with great exuberance and song the wonders of the wetland.  The day concluded with a liturgy incorporating all the elements of their day’s reflection.   Strains of Chris Skinner’s Awesome God could be heard from the bus as they returned to school around 3.30.

Students walk down the drive to begin their day.

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